Our Approach

Research : Our team begins with thorough research on your company, its offerings, perception in the market, competitive analysis and all the compelling issues that your require to address. The team, then moves on, to understand who your customer is and what their viewing and listening habits are. This is paramount to developing a successful media campaign.

Strategy Planning : Every successful campaign has its foundation in the strategic plan. Our team develops meticulous time tables with clear description of what is to be achieved and what strategic steps must be taken to help launch your company to heights far beyond the limits of competition.

Message Development : Our experienced media-coach takes you through a well laid out communications workshop to help you identify your target audiences, the key issues and develop your key message. Our experienced writers then get on to the job and write the press material in a way that piques the interest of the media and communicates directly to your various target audiences. The Oyspa approach leverages the valuable insight gained from the research based analysis in the first step, to creatively position you, your company and products, and help develop credible themes and story lines that will shape the perceptions both of the media and your consumers.


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